Copper Cathode Copper Cathode Copper Cathode Pure 99.99% Factory Price Cathode Copper
Copper Cathode Copper Cathode Copper Cathode Pure 99.99% Factory Price Cathode Copper

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1.purity 99.97%-99.99%

2.Weight of each sheet:      125kgs (+/- 1%)

3.Net weight of each pallet:  2mts (+/- 1%)

4.Min. weight in each container:    20mts approx.

Gross weight of each container:  22.20mts approx.

5.Dimensions: 914*914*12mm 

Electric light industry, machinery manufacturing, building industry, defense industry and other fields manufacturing industrial, valves and fittings, instrument sliding bearing

Packaging & Delivery:
Standard export seaworthy package,suit for all kinds of transport,or as required.

Port:Tianjin port

Chemical composition

Cu≥ 99.99%
As≤ 0.0015%
Sb≤ 0.0015%
Bi≤ 0.0005%
Fe≤ 0.0025%
Pb≤ 0.002%
Sn≤ 0.001%
Ni≤ 0.002%
Zn≤ 0.002%
S≤ 0.0025%
P≤ 0.001%

The thick plate of crude copper (containing 99% copper) was prepared as anode, the thin sheet of pure copper was made as cathode, and the mixture of sulfuric acid and copper sulfate was used as electrolyte.After electrification, copper dissolves into copper ions (Cu) from the anode and moves to the cathode. After reaching the cathode, electrons are obtained and pure copper (also called electrolytic copper) is precipitated in the cathode.Impurities in crude copper, such as iron and zinc, which are more active than copper, dissolve into ions (Zn and Fe) with copper.Because these ions are not easy to precipitate compared with copper ions, they can be avoided from precipitating on the cathode by adjusting the potential difference properly during electrolysis.Impurities less active than copper, such as gold and silver, are deposited at the bottom of the electrolytic cell.The resulting copper plate, called "electrolytic copper," is of very high quality and can be used in electrical products.

Electrolytic copper is a non-ferrous metal closely related to human beings, which is widely used in electric, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, national defense industry and other fields. It is second only to aluminum in the consumption of non-ferrous metal materials in China.
Copper is widely used and used in electrical and electronic industries, accounting for more than half of total consumption.Used for winding all kinds of cables and conductors, motors and transformers, switches and printed circuit boards.
In machinery and transport vehicle manufacturing, used in the manufacture of industrial valves and fittings, meters, sliding bearings, molds, heat exchangers and pumps, etc.
In the chemical industry is widely used in the manufacture of vacuum, distillation pot, brewing pot and so on.
In the defense industry for the manufacture of bullets, shells, gun parts, etc., each production of 1 million bullets, 13 to 14 tons of copper.
In the construction industry, it is used for all kinds of pipes, pipe fittings, decorative devices, etc.